Living on overdrive, speeding along without applying the brake, is a danger to our health and well-being. Research has shown our brain needs downtime, a chance to meander freely, slowly process our lives, create, and recharge; however, many of us are stressed and anxious. Our stressful lives are consumed by work, too much technology, and a number of other stressors. A lack of downtime is detrimental to mental health and wellbeing.

It contributes to

  • Racing thoughts
  • Anxiety
  • Rumination
  • Depression
  • Sleep disturbances

Try these tips for creating downtime:

  • Make it easy. Have a “play box” handy, full of things to de-stress: colouring books, cards, books, etc.
  • Give yourself permission. It can be hard to have downtime because we value our goals. Making tangible goals for having downtime will help you see the worth in taking breaks.
  • Schedule it into your day, and set an alarm to remind you that it’s time to pamper your brain. Set an alarm to signal the end of downtime as well so you don’t worry about making your break too long.