Who would believe that bullying would continue into the workplace? Many people expect bullying to end the day that final high school bell rings. They hope that those in their workforce will treat them without judgment. However bullying continues every day and age does not play a part when it comes to how people treat others and the hurtful things that are said. Workplace bullying can cause typically happy, confident people to feel depressed, insecure and anxious. These kinds of actions and thoughts can make someone fragile turn to alcohol, self-harm and, sometimes, suicide as an answer.

Instead of focusing on the painful comments co-workers and fellow staff members throw at you, focus on yourself and your work. Be proud of what you are doing and if your job is something you find passion in, focus on that passion and don’t let others tear you down. Bullying plays a big part in your mental health if you take time to focus on your own happiness, you will find the strength and willpower to push past the negative people surrounding you.

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