How do you see your body? How’s your relationship with your body? These might seem like odd questions, but when it comes to your mental health and wellbeing, they’re important.

Body image issues are common. Most of us can find flaws to pick on and things about our bodies that we’re unhappy about. Body image issues are severe enough to qualify for a disorder called body dysmorphic disorders (BDD).  For people with BDD, body image concerns seem to dominate thoughts and emotions and limit behaviours. Worries may or may not relate to weight. If they do involve weight concerns and impact eating, an eating disorder may develop.

Whether or not your concerns about what you believe are defects in your appearance qualify for BDD, body image issues can severely impact self-esteem, overall mental health, and your sense of wellbeing. Bodily concerns seem truthful and cause you to see exaggerated flaws. Which, can lead to these ‘flaws’ defining you.  These are distorted beliefs, thus I would suggest you get help from a mental health professional.