Different Clinical Psychologists \ Therapists are trained to work in different ways, known as paradigms.  I work mainly from an integrative/eclectic paradigm which is tailored to best suit the client’s needs. In this way the process of psychotherapy is usually shorter. 

Reasons to seek Psychotherapy

The choice to enter into psychotherapy may be a meaningful, yet  sometimes difficult decision. Individuals enter into psychotherapy/ counselling  for different reasons. Some may want to learn how to cope with a difficult life transition, or crisis, or something traumatic, or  something  life  changing may have happened.  The difficulty or challenge may be current or  in the past. Some may choose to enter into psychotherapy for their own personal  growth and development. No matter the reason, psychotherapy is ideally a process that should allow an individual, couple or family the  opportunity to grow, develop and find meaning in  life. 

If you’ve considered seeking psychotherapy but are uncertain whether or not it’s for you, you’re not alone. Currently, many factors can prevent someone from seeking therapy. Sometimes, it is because good help is hard to find, fear and stigma contribute to people not seeking help.  

Yet psychotherapy can have many benefits. Working with a therapist can help you process information you’re reading on your own, understand your symptoms, get out of your head and back into life, and develop lasting coping skills.

If you’re still not convinced, consider this research-based information summarized by the American Psychological Association in 2012. Therapy:

  • works for a wide variety of mental health disorders and works across cultures, genders, and age groups;
  • is effective in increasing functioning and decreasing symptoms;
  • decreases medical costs, disability, and the need for psychiatric hospitalization;
  • is often more effective than medication or mediation alone;
  • provides lasting results that increase over time, even after therapy has stopped.

Therapy might not be for everyone. Given the many benefits psychotherapy is worth considering.