Online Therapy

Since the COVID-19 pandemic arose, the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has regulated that tele-medicine/tele-health/online therapy can be used.  

Online Therapy – Testimonial

I offer online therapy as one of my services. Please see below the testimonial of a client regarding online therapy with me.

” I reached out to Adilia for her online counseling services. I was simply having a hard time finding a therapist in the town where I lived. From the start I felt comfortable with Adilia, and I quickly got used to the online format. In fact, I’ve come to prefer it for a number of reasons. Obviously, it’s more convenient and more affordable. We can “meet” in the comfort and privacy of my own home without the time and cost of travel. But also, it’s somehow easier to talk about sensitive and emotional topics. There’s less at stake communicating through a screen;…maybe it’s less embarrassing…to break down, as one inevitably does when working through difficult personal subjects. But I also think the time is spent efficiently. We make progress quite quickly, and as a result, I don’t need to meet with her as frequently. I have been to Adilia’s office for therapy once. She’s wonderful  both in person and online. She even returns personal text messages to me when I have a burning follow up comment or question. She’s been very supportive and available.”